Greiner Tax Collector Legislation Signed by Governor
HARRISBURG - Legislation sponsored by State Rep. Keith J. Greiner (R-Upper Leacock) was signed into law this week by the governor as Act 43 of 2015.

The new law amends Act 164 of 2014 to provide for greater accountability of locally elected tax collectors and includes a qualification exam, a continuing education program and criminal background checks for new tax collectors.

“Pennsylvania has a long-standing history of local governance, including locally elected tax collectors,” said Greiner. “This new law will ensure that our elected tax collectors are qualified to hold office by taking an entrance exam and by receiving continuing education while they hold office. Criminal background checks will also be required for new tax collectors so taxpayers can be certain their hard-earned tax dollars are in good hands.

“As a certified public accountant, I know the complexities of federal, state and local tax laws; however, our local tax collectors are often citizens who wish to serve their local community, without an accounting background. In Pennsylvania’s 2,500 municipalities, tax collectors are elected by their families, friends and neighbors. The new law will guarantee that our locally elected tax collectors will continue to serve their municipalities faithfully while fully understanding the laws which they were elected to follow.”

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Representative Keith J. Greiner, CPA
43rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Eric Reath
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