Public’s Turn to Weigh-in on State Redistricting Plan 

Every 10 years, Congress and the state General Assembly undergo the process of redistricting, which changes the composition of congressional districts and each state House and Senate district according to the findings in the most recent census. As populations shift, so do these districts and that determines who represents you in Congress and the state Capitol.

State House and Senate Districts
Now that the preliminary plan for state House and Senate districts has been filed with the secretary of the Commonwealth, the public has the ability to provide feedback on the plan and file exceptions on the Legislative Redistricting Commission’s website.

This is the opportunity for the public to see how their district and representation could change under the proposed plan and to voice any concerns they may have.

The deadline to file an exception to the preliminary plan is Jan. 18, 2022. Exceptions received after that date, even if post-marked beforehand, cannot be considered by the commission. 

Congressional Districts
To see the preliminary maps for Pennsylvania’s congressional districts, visit here.