Greiner Votes to Cut Size of Legislature
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Keith Greiner (R-Lancaster) today cast his vote in favor of two proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution to reduce the size of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to 153 members from the current 203 members, and the Senate to 38 members from the current 50 members.

Authored by House Speaker Sam Smith (R-Jefferson), House Bill 1234, which would reduce the size of the House, and House Bill 1716, which would reduce the size of the Senate, now move to the Senate for action.

“I supported these measures because it would make the General Assembly more efficient by allowing us to better communicate with each other, Greiner said. “With 203 members, it is often very difficult to get things done and I truly believe the people of Pennsylvania could get better representation with a fewer number of elected officials. I also supported these bills because I believe in reducing the size and cost of government. It has often been said that a government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have. If supporting these measures eventually means I am no longer a state legislator, I can live with that. I firmly believe this was the right vote so that our state government can eventually become both more effective and efficient. I also believe many of my constituents feel the same way.

Last session, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 153 to reduce the size of the House of Representatives, which was subsequently amended on the floor of the House to include a provision reducing the Senate to 38 members. After passage, House Bill 153 was not considered by the Senate. Including each body in separate legislation may improve the chances for Senate consideration, Smith said.

To amend the state Constitution, the same bill must be debated and passed in two consecutive sessions, and be subsequently approved by referendum vote of the people of Pennsylvania.

Representative Keith J. Greiner
43rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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